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Mimi Chatwood, D.C., is dedicated to spreading the bounty that chiropractic has to offer. Whether it be in the practice, educating, adjusting or working with animals, Mimi loves sharing the abundance that an intentionally delivered force can bring to a system.

“Enlighten, enliven, evolve” – that is her mission – personally and for those she touches. Her commitment is to optimizing health, hope and wellness/well-being and minimizing sickness and dis-ease in all their many forms. She would love to see a pharmaceutical-free world where people rely on the innate intelligent within them and relishes watching people find their power in that intelligence.

Mimi’s studies include force dynamics, nutrition, intention and spirituality. One of her greatest joys is witnessing the change in a being's being...the expression of lifeforce, quality of life, freedom within the nervous system..and how that manifests not only in that individual's world but in their environment and those whom they touch.

...And the world will be a better place....

Download Statement of Passion and Purpose•
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