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I've been meaning to write sooner but have gotten back into the active life again. I wish I had documented Bristol's condition and treatment as I know how beneficial your care has been for her. Over the summer my sister experienced a very similar situation with her beloved dog. Unfortunately, her vet did not suggested any alternatives ending very sadly for them. I feared the same. However, Bristol is such a huge part of our lives we were not willing to face that reality.

In late August, Bristol had become very lethargic, not eating or drinking. The veterinary informed us of gastrointestinal problems and X-rays confirmed spinal fusions in multiple locations. They prescribed motion sickness medication. We proceeded to play fetch and walk like usual. However, the beginning of the second week in September we awoke to her experiencing partial paralysis with her rear legs. She required us carrying her to rest spots and potty times. We immediately scheduled her first chiropractic appointment.

After just one adjustment, she had regained her appetite and drinking plenty of water as well as enough muscle control for potty positions. That same week she received two more adjustments. After the second adjustment her rear legs stabilized with just a bit of wobble at her lower back. After the third adjustment, she was miraculously walking about normally, up and down stairs, with normal potty position and bowel movements.

We greatly appreciate your expertise and care for Bristol and strongly believe in the benefits of chiropractic care for we have experienced the dramatic transformation. Most likely, the outcome may have resulted differently without this specific care.

Thanks again. Regards, Amy Harkins

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